Soos Creek

While driving to a very popular but “secret” fishing hole,
I explained the regulations per my fatherly role,

To my sweet six year old daughter I said you must be under fourteen,
And absolutely no attempts at snagging are allowed at the scene,

Most certainly wrong, you’ll see lots of men “fishing”,
While their kids run about and may even have gone missing. Continue reading



Black tail wagging,
Beneath the Guatemalan Hammock,
Ace’s back rubbing against mine.

The afternoon sun shining on my face,
Eye lids glowing orange,
Gently rocking,

My heart as full and warm as the sun,
Peaking from behind the clouds, Continue reading


Anvil black Armani suit
buffeted like riptide flotsam,
zig zags above Italian ox-blood shoes,
cold pressed between anonymous travelers,
in this caffeinated Frankfurt airport .

Sweet baby doll with pink frills,
crazy cuckoo clock,
wrapped and bagged,
on the upper deck,
jumbo jetting across the restless ocean,
to present my gifts,
in Seattle. Continue reading