Soos Creek

While driving to a very popular but “secret” fishing hole,
I explained the regulations per my fatherly role,

To my sweet six year old daughter I said you must be under fourteen,
And absolutely no attempts at snagging are allowed at the scene,

Most certainly wrong, you’ll see lots of men “fishing”,
While their kids run about and may even have gone missing.

But be prepared to witness all manners of poaching,
However don’t say anything I continued coaching.

Perhaps they are less fortunate and may be fishing for dinner,
It’s not worth getting shot over a fish just because they’re a sinner.

We picked a fine spot in cramped quarters with snags all about,
So I quickly passed the pole to her after I cast her bobber out.

We fished for quite awhile without a single bite,
And most certainly there was not a game warden in sight.

At my feet you could see the silver torpedoes swirling,
Boy oh boy, my big toes were practically curling!

Intently, I began casting the bobber out and mending the line,
I’ll just hook a fish and pass it off to her, after all it’s just benign.

I continued to cast and reel in her bobber,
Surely I could hook a fish and hand it off to my toddler,

My daughter sang out as if my pants were on fire,
“Daddy, Daddy – you’re fishing ILLEGALLY,” pointing out my ethical quagmire.

I was simultaneously shocked and angry as a startled bear,
How could my sweet little baby accuse me of not being fair?

Tangling the lines between right and wrong,
Setting a poor example more than a mile long.

I thrust the pole into her tiny hand,
And I said, “ from now on you’ll do all the casting, do you understand?”

Back at home while sitting comfortably on my throne,
Recounting the day’s events as I chewed on a juicy bone.

How could she bite the hand that feeds her?
“Don’t forget honey, I feed both of you”, Mom said with a purr.

After dinner, while I stood cleaning the dishes at the sink,
Mom says, “You set a bad example, she’s not a fink.”

With a green eyed smirk, Mom said, “Besides you ought to be mighty proud,
Our  sweet precocious little baby has learned to speak her mind out LOUD!”

© 2012 M. Tsai


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