Precipitous Fall

Soaring above the rotting, pulsating Kings,
Spiraling up the thermocline,
Stomach bursting with the fat of decaying flesh

Higher…Higher…still Higher

Kindred spirits appear submerged deep beneath the blue-white sky

A golden eagle cranes upwards to see her lover climb
Perilously high, fully exhausting himself

A young iridescent eaglet flies next to
Mother’s side, luminescing purple
She is known as the pleasant one
Her dreams foretelling the disaster ahead
And her Mother’s despair

Higher…Higher…so Proud is He
Burning his head in the glaring sun
Black feathers now white as snow

The Golden eagle gently spirals upward as He falls,
Covering Him with Her pinions,
Under Her wings He finds refuge
In the glorious nest where Naomi was born

Comfort me oh Great Golden eagle
Wrap me in your loving wreath
Bless me with your sweet tears,

Coo for me oh Pleasant ones
Coo for me my Angels

Oh great Rainbow spirits, forgive me this one more time…
Forgive me my loved one,
Forgive me my Indigo child.

© 2012 M. Tsai


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